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Below are few good books I have read lately, with a juicy quote from each. The reading of any of these is recommended.

Clark, Gordon. Sanctification: "The distinction between divine requirements and silly superstitions can be maintained only by a careful exegesis of Scripture" (p.33).

Fletcher, William. The Triumph of Surrender: "Whatever God asks, our answer must be, 'Yes Lord!' Wherever He leads, we must respond, 'I will follow. Lord.' Whatever work He gives us to do, we must learn to respond without question, without argument, without complaint" (p.149).

Kassian, Mary. Women, Creation and the Fall: "Adam and Eve were equal in terms of their standing before God, yet different from the outset with regard to their purpose and function.... Adam was to be the leader in the relationship and the woman was to be the helpmate. These assigned roles blended together and coexisted alongside a perfect oneness and unity" (pp.18,19).

Lewis, C.S. The Four Loves: "Lovers are always talking to one another about their love; Friends hardly ever about their Friendship. Lovers are normally face to face, absorbed in each other; Friends, side by side, absorbed in some common interest" (p.91).

Owen, John. Communion with God: (abridged and made easy to read by R.J.K Law): "Sin brought infinite punishment because it was committed against an infinite God. Christ, being the infinite God in human nature, could suffer the infinite punishment that the sinner deserved. And so, by this personal union in Christ we are saved" (p.50).

Note: This is the best book I have read of late. It deals in detail with the kinds of subjects discussed in the article, Forgiveness, Salvation and the Trinity." So if you like that article, you'll love Owen's book.

Pink, A.W. The Attributes of God: "God is sovereign. His will is supreme. So far from God being under any law of 'right,' He is a law unto Himself, so that whatever HE does IS right" (p.34).

Sippert, Albert. From Eternity to Eternity: "If evolutionists would not be so rebellious against God and His Bible and the history given there, and if they would not be so proud of themselves and man-worshipping, they would find the answer to their many unanswered questions" (p.118).

Shatner, William. Star Trek Memories: "[Gene] Roddenberry realized that if he were to write a thinly veiled and substantive societal commentary within a less obvious and somehow more acceptable framework like fantasy or science fiction, he might be able to actually speak out on some fairly important, even controversial topics" (p.26).

But what did the creator of Star Trek say on "controversial topics?" Some of the basic ideas promoted in Star Trek and other Sci-Fi programming are discussed in the articles listed at Science and Science Fiction.

Books and eBooks by Gary F. Zeolla, the Director of Darkness to Light

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The above reading list originally appeared in Darkness to Light newsletter in 1994.
It was posted on this Web site in July1996.

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