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By Gary F. Zeolla

These comments are continued from Sports Comments: 2013-14.

Periodically I post a comments about TV sports I watched on my Facebook page. Sports are not Christian per se, but they are not unchristian either. So I watch quite a bit of them. These comments show why I think sports are usually worth watching. Simply put, sports can lift you up and be an adrenaline rush, as long as you do not let "your team" losing get you down. For those who are not friends with me on Facebook, I figured I might as well also post them here.

What a Pirates home opener! Beautiful weather (80 degrees and sunshine) and the largest regular season crowd ever at PNC Park (39,933).

The first pitch of the game – “Clear the deck, cannonball coming” by my favorite Pirates position player Josh Harrison sends the crowd into a frenzy. Two more cannonballs later by Alvarez and Hart, while Cole pitches six great innings, then gets into a jam in the seventh. But my favorite Pirates pitcher Jared Hughes comes on with the bases loaded and no outs and gets a first pitch double play and foul out to slam the door shut on the threat.

Melancon was not his normal self and gave up three runs, but that just made it more exciting when he settled down and preserved the 5-4 win. Thus the Pirates handed the hottest team in baseball, the Detroit Tigers, their first loss of the season and opened their home season in stellar fashion. Here’s looking forward to much more exciting baseball this year. Go Bucs!



The above messages were first posted on my Facebook page on the indicated dates
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