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A Lesbian Responds

In the following e-mail exchange, the e-mailer's comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

Exchange #1

 >Dear Sir,

I recently visited a website that I thought would be interesting reading. Yes, yours. I was enjoying the reading, but came across an issue quite disturbing.  How dare you compare homosexuals to pedophiles [see "But I was born this Way"]. The Conversations simulations; I am a lesbian (still reading?) and I would NEVER touch any person in an inappropriate way. I was not born with that desire and would not tolerate that type of behavior from anyone on this Earth.<

But some people claim to be born with such a desire, and that was my point. I wasn't comparing homosexuals to pedophiles; what I was comparing was the way each group tries to defend their behavior. An in-born, "natural" desire is NOT proof that a particular behavior is right. The ONLY way to know if a behavior is right is by finding out what God says about it, and the only way to do that is by checking the Bible. In the case of homosexuality, the Bible is clear on the fact that it is a sin.

  > Yes indeed I was born this way.<

Maybe, maybe not. I won't get into that debate. But even if you were that is NOT proof that to engage in homosexual acts is appropriate in the eyes of God. Again, the only way to know that is by checking the Scriptures.

  > I believe I was created this way by God or chose it as a lesson of tolerance and understanding prejudice and IGNORANCE before my birth.<

With this statement, I am assuming you believe in reincarnation. The Bible clearly teaches resurrection, not reincarnation. And the two beliefs are incompatible. So the disagreement we have is one of over how to determine truth. To me there is only one standard: the Bible. Since you are not looking to the Bible for you standard for truth, then of course we are going to disagree on many issues.

>  Rather than lashing back at people like you, I pray. You....Sir are in need of spiritual, compassion, possibly empathy, and common decency lessons, not from any human though. You need God's help more than you are willing to even think about. <

I  am in need of none of these things. My way of showing compassion to sinners is to tell them they are sinners that need to repent. And then to point them to the one and only source of forgiveness, the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for their sins. It is not "compassionate" to try to justify a behavior God says is sin. That is being misleading, not compassionate.

  > This I assume from many issues on your site, not only homosexuality.<

 Again, of course we are going to disagree on "many issues" because we have different standards for truth.

  > I will ask God in my prayers tonight to warm your heart and help you discover whatever it is you need to rid yourself of ignorance and that cold heart which have more control over you than you do them. I pray for you tonight. I pray to God for myself, to help me better understand people like you, for those like you to better understand people like myself and I will thank God for my life as well as yours.


Such prayers are unneeded. If you want to change my mind on an issue, then show me from Scripture where I have made an error of exegesis. Otherwise, you have no standard on which to judge me. And that is in fact what you are doing--judging me, by what standard I do not know, other then your own in-born desires. Sorry, but I do not consider your, mine, or anyone else's desires to be a test for truth.

Exchange #2a

 Note: “Sheri” sent both of the following exchanges about an hour apart. I received them at the same time.

 > (Mathew 18):

18) "And so I tell all of you: what is prohibited on Earth will be prohibited in Heaven, and what you permit on Earth will be permitted in Heaven."    ????

19) "And I tell you more: whenever two of you on Earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my father in Heaven." 20) "For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them."   ???? 

This as many other scriptures can be *used and interpreted* to the likings of anyone.<

And your point is? Yes, there are some Scripture verses that can be difficult to interpret, even Peter admitted that (2Peter 3:16). But the way to solve such difficulties is to do in-depth exegesis of the passages.

Moreover, overall the message of the Bible is clear. And in regards to homosexuality, I present an in-depth exegesis of one very important verse, 1Cor 6:9. It is located at: "Homosexuals" in 1Corinthians 6:9.

Now if I have made a mistake in my exegesis, then please point it out. But if you cannot, then my position will remain as it is--homosexual behavior is a sin. And please note, I am not "attacking" homosexuals in saying this, I am simply presenting what the Bible teaches on the subject.

Please notice that I have two articles on homosexuality on my site, but I have four articles on pre-marital sex. They are listed at: Ethics.

Since I am single, then if the articles on homosexuality are "attacking" homosexuals, then the articles on pre-marital sex are attacking all single people, including myself!

In addition, it would be a lot easier for me to give into my desires and engage in pre-marital sex, than it is to restrain them. But I do not give into them because God says pre-marital sex is wrong. Moreover, I do not let my "desires" determine what I believe is right and wrong, but what God says. In addition, since I have accepted what God has to say on the subject, I have found it much easier to restrain my desires.

>Gary, we could go on like this, but I would rather befriend you than engage in an endless battle.<

I have managed to disagree with a lot of people over a lot of issues, yet remain friends with them.

> I have a question for you Gary. Do you know the bible, Or do you know God?<

You ask this as if the two are mutually exclusive. The way to come to know God is through the teachings of the Bible. But to answer your question, both.

> Have you ever set your bible down and went on a long walk, found a nice place far from the sounds of highway traffic. Have you done this, closed your eyes and felt...Physically...The Love of God inside of you?<

If you are asking if I have a personal relationship with God, the answer is yes. And yes I do spend time in silent prayer in His presence. But, and this is important, I never let any "experience" I have determine what I believe is right and wrong, true and false. Only a study of the Scriptures can do that (Acts 17:11).

> I have read the bible, cover to cover.<

Glad to hear it. But did you believe what you read? That is the important issue. And more importantly, did you adjust your life and beliefs in accordance with what the Bible teaches?

> I know the words, the psalms and the historic stories and teachings.  I found that I knew only the words. I did not know God. I believed I did. I did not feel how strong the love of God is. Not until I was 17 years old and God plucked me from the hands of evil, opened my eyes and warmed my cold heart and soul.

Do you think God would have preferred me to commit suicide (as attempted,) or appreciate the gift of life and continue to learn? Living a "gay" *lifestyle* (Which has as much love and happiness as a heterosexual *lifestyle* It is all about true love, a life long companion, NOT 24/7 a week sex. That is a minimal portion in my life) and being happy, or taking my own life because of the persecution of people who hated me...Hated me, the only thing they knew of me being my name and my being a lesbian?<

Several points here: First, the only way to know if the God you are communing with is the God of the Bible is if the God you are communing with shows you things in accordance with what the Bible teaches.

Second, yes, the love of God is real. It is expressed in the death of His Son for the forgiveness of our sins. But to enter into that love requires we admit that we are sinners in the need of a Savior. That is the message of the Bible.

Third, nowhere on my site will you see anything remotely saying I "hate" homosexuals or anyone else that I disagree with for that matter. Hatred is not a way to bring someone to God, but a declaration of what the Bible teaches, most of all the love He has shown in the death of His Son for our sins.

> I do not read the bible much now.<

To me, that is a sign you are moving away from God, not towards Him. A love of His Word is instilled in His children.

> I feel the words of God, I see the messages of and from God all over this Earth. I get to know more about God every day.<

I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but the only way to know if what you are learning about God is true or not is to test it by the Scriptures. That is the standard the Bible sets for itself. See the following Scripture study for what the bible teaches about itself in this regard: The Scriptures on the Scriptures.

 > Jesus is a messenger OF God. Jesus is NOT a God. People pray to Jesus. Ten Commandments....Worship No Other, right? God is the ONLY God to be worshipped. Jesus is FROM God ; OF God, Jesus is not God. Why do people pray to Jesus?<

People pray to Jesus because He IS God, the third Person of the Trinity. This would get us into another subject altogether. So I will just refer you to the following page on my site where I present hundreds of Scripture verses that demonstrate Jesus is in fact God: The Doctrine of the Trinity.

> God has taught me more than the bible ever will.<

Impossible. The Scriptures are THE source of truth. Moreover, what you have learned cannot be coming from God if it disagrees with what the Bible teaches.

> I did not judge you, I judged your words.<

And the difference is? Sorry, but my writings are an expression of who I am.

> I never said I believed in reincarnation. I haven't said I do not either. <

You mentioned you "chose" the way you were born. Usually that implies a belief in reincarnation. At the very least, it must imply a belief in some kind of pre-existence. Either way, such beliefs are incompatible with Biblical teaching, and that is the important point. But you are correct; I shouldn't have assumed you believed something without specifically asking first.

> There is much to learn, so much. Gary, I ask you : Are you a religious man?  (scroll down)<

Depends on how one defines "religion." I usually take it as a human-made system of "works" used to try to make oneself right with God. This is opposed to Biblical Christianity which teaches it is God who makes us right with Him through the death of Son on the cross for our sins.

So in that sense, I am not "religious." I am a sinner who is trusting in Jesus Christ for my salvation. Label that as you wish.

> There is a difference between religion and spirituality.  Religion is man made. Religion is organization created by man. Religion is about God (s) BUT not OF God. Spirituality is self recognized belief and faith, in whatever path one chooses to walk.<

I wouldn't define this as "spirituality." One cannot "chose" how to approach God. He has made it clear there is only one way to approach Him, though His Son Jesus Christ.

> I walk side by side with God, my hand in his. I am sure you do as well. But from what you write, I do not believe you are holding the hand of God with opened eyes. I mean no insults. And I will STILL pray for you. If you believe it is not needed, then it most likely is.<

I do need prayer. I ask for it all the time. But I do not need prayer for me to cease believing what the Bible teaches.

> Your statement "That prayer is not needed." I am not insulted at all. However, I would have been before I set my bible down. Any prayer said for me is welcomed. God knows my heart and my soul. He knows what is right and what is wrong AND the "gray areas" many refuse to believe exist for reasons of fear and misunderstanding.

Even if someone were to pray for me to become heterosexual, I would still consider it a compliment.  Why? Because God knows me, and knows if the intention of prayer is based on good intentions or the intention to change the heart of another. (Also known as bending one's will....Common among dark Wiccan's and Pagan's ...I see *that* as wrong) I only pray for understanding, concerning people who would rather spit on me and claim I am damned.....When they have not ONCE sat down and had a conversation with me.


I wouldn't "spit" on you, but at the same time I wouldn't mislead you by telling you your lifestyle is approved by God. Again, to me "love" includes telling people the truth. Now there is a right and a wrong way to go about that. If my articles on homosexuality have offended you, then maybe that is because I have touched a nerve. Maybe there's a spark inside of you that still tells you homosexual behavior is a sin. And it if for that reason that you are reacting so strongly towards me.

Exchange #2b

 > You don't want to get in a debate. Understood, respected.<

I get into "debates" with people a lot. Sometimes I have to shrug off a potential debate because I simply don't have the time, or I don't physically feel up to it due to my health problems. But in this case, there really is not that much to debate about. In regards to homosexual behavior, the Bible is clear--it is a sin.

> One comment. You were born a heterosexual. You know this. I would not say to you "Maybe so, maybe not." YOU know of your sexual orientation as I KNOW of mine. There is no maybe. I will not repent for happiness from through and with the joy and Love of God.<

I said "maybe" because the scientific evidence is still being debated on this subject. And I for one do not have the expertise to decide one way or another. But in my articles on homosexuality, for the sake of argument, I grant that the inclination is inborn. But what I am attempting to show is that even if it is, that does not mean homosexual behavior is "right."

> I have nothing more to write to you. Your writings are arrogant, ignorant, and some quite offensive, as well as uneducated.. (As I believe and many others I have brought to your site...Opinions, yes, who is without them?)<

Well, at least you didn't call me a "homophobe." And you're still not judging me, right?

> You DID compare homosexuals to pedophiles. I just read it again. Why don't you back and read for yourself.<

I did re-read it. And I state specifically that the reason I mention pedophilia is because homosexual groups are allowing pedophiles to march alongside them demanding their "rights" as well. My point being, the pedophiles are trying to legitimize their behavior just as homosexuals are.

But in both cases, the only way to decide if the behavior is appropriate or not is by checking the Scriptures. And they are clear: God's ideal is one man and one woman together for a lifetime. That would rule out homosexual behavior, pedophilia, pre-marital sex, and adultery. None of these behaviors are approved by God. That is my point.

> God bless you and may your eyes, your heart, your ears, your mind and your soul open in truth unblinded by stubbornness very soon.


If by "stubborn" you mean I am clinging to what the Bible teaches on this matter, then thanks for the compliment. I will always stubbornly believe what God says on a subject over what my or anyone else's "desires" tell them.

Exchange #3


Did you know in your memory of the *scripture* I quoted? Did you check your bible?<

If you're referring to Matt 18:18-20, yes I was familiar with it. But I didn't comment on it as it had nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

> If you answer yes, I do believe you know the bible. You may think this means you know God.<

Again, you're setting up an unwarranted dichotomy. I know God and the Bible. And most importantly, it is through the Bible we learn how to come to know God: through repentance of sin and trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins.

> You may want to think about my writings to you and the thoughts you blow off.<

I don't "blow off" my thoughts. My articles are carefully researched and thought out. You might not think so, but most other visitors to my site do.

> Search within yourself, along with God, as God is always present, and maybe you will learn more than you could imagine.<

I have searched within myself, and what I found was a sinner that needed a Savior. And the Bible taught me that One and only Savior was Jesus Christ. And I praise Him for saving my unworthy soul.

> God Bless - Sheri

I choose to add;  You never know who is on the other side of the screen.

Note: forwarded message attached.


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Sorry but the above is all that came through. I have my H/PC set to not receive file attachments. Viruses and all you know.  

For comments on the above exchange, see A Lesbian Responds - Comments.

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