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Bible Translation - "At this site we believe that for a translation to be adequate it must be accurate, natural, and clear." One notable page is English Versions Listed, which provides titles and in most cases links to dozens of versions.

Note: Although this site promotes "idiomatic translation" (also known as meaning-based translation) it does provide links to a wide variety of articles and information on Bible versions and translating, from various viewpoints, including formal equivalence.

Bible Versions - "A complete guide to English versions of the Holy Bible." Provides detailed information on and comparison of dozens of different Bible versions. A good aid for understanding the differences between Bible versions.

Compass Distributor's - Several excellent articles on Bible versions from a formal equivalence/ Textus Receptus-Majority Text position. Also, articles on a variety of other subjects, along with the freeware Bible Search Utility.

Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism - Helpful articles on textual criticism; but I do not agree with everything on this site, especially its adherence to the Critical Text.

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway - "Here you will find information about Greek Linguistics and the Greek language. Links to Greek manuscripts on the web are on the Greek Manuscripts Gateway page. Extensive bibliographic resources for Greek Linguistics are available through the Bibliographic Resources page."

Herbert Weir Smyth Greek Grammar - Online Greek grammar.

John Wycliffe Bible  - Full text of this landmark translation. Very interesting, and difficult to read!

King James Version Of The Bible - Interesting background to the production of the KJV, but I disagree with its conclusion that only the KJV is the true Word of God. A part of the "unofficial home page of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America."

Living Water - "At this site you may request a free copy of the booklet Living Water - The Gospel of John." Avaiable in the NKJV and in the Logos 21 Version. The latter was based on the Majority Text when this booklet was produced. (The rights to Logos 21 have since been bought by Hollman and the textual base changed to the Critical Text).

Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism - Online version of this excellent booklet by Gordon H. Clark. It details the fallacies of Critical Text reasoning. Published by The Trinity Foundation.

The New Testament: Which Text? - A good article by Pr. William P. Terjesen

Problem with New Age Bible Versions - A very good expose of the "sensational" book New Age Bible Versions by Gail Riplinger. Note: I disagree with the reviewer’s KJV Only views; but it is interesting that even someone with this viewpoint still finds problems with Riplinger’s "research." See also Why Respond to Gail Riplinger by James White.

Voice in the Wilderness - Discussions on why they use the NKJV on their sites, along with the full texts of the KJV. MKJV, and LITV.

World English Bible FAQ page - Provides details on the World English Bible (WEB), including information on its translation philosophy and why they chose to base the NT on the Majority Text rather than the Critical Text.

YLT Introduction -The full text to the third edition of Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible. Contains some very helpful information on the need to accurately render God's Word, along with detailed discussions on the translation of Hebrew tenses.

KJV Onlyism

Brian's KJV-only Issue Page - "'variety of Translations is profitable for the finding out of the sense of the Scriptures' - The KJV Translators." Includes a Bible Versions Discussion Forum.

Heresy of KJV-Onlyism page - "The DEFINED King James Bible (DKJB) REVIEWED--False claims exposed, flawed linguistic methodologies uncovered, and blasphemous statements highlighted. Bible-believing Christians, beware!"

James D. Price Publications -  Executive editor of the NKJV's Old Testament. Articles and books on translation, textual criticism, and KJV-onlyism.

KJV  Revision is no "Myth" - "More than 400 errors in the first edition of the King James Bible were corrected in a subsequent edition two years later." Demonstrates the KJV in use today is not the 1611 KJV and that these differences are more than just spelling changes and corrections of typographical errors as KJV onlyist claim." By Pilgrim Publications.

KJV/NKJV Verse Comparison Table - "to help readers understand that there are some translation errors with KJV, and correction is needed ."

Unbound Scriptures - "One purpose of this web site is to provide accurate  information for believers concerning Bible translations and concerning the KJV-only view." By Rick Norris.

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