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1993 Letters to the Editor

The Shield of Faith:  This writer worked with "The Shield of Faith" during his two and half year stay in Denver, CO. Darkness to Light was patterned after this ministry. The Shield of Faith published The Shield newsletter. But the ministry is no longer active. Pat Knapp was the director of the ministry and is a close friend of this writer.

Darkness to Light took over the mailing list of the Shield of Faith. Most of the following letters are from former subscribers to The Shield after they began receiving Darkness to Light newsletter.

Dear Mr. Zeolla:  I appreciate being placed on your mailing list, especially since the Shield of Faith has had to discontinue its ministry. I co-authored the two-part article "The Churches of Christ" for "The Shield" and have had over 100 articles, short stories, poems and fillers published. I am a Christian freelance writer with a bent towards apologetics and doing research. If I can be of any use to you for a research project or to obtain information and possibly write an article for "Darkness to Light," I am willing to offer my time and talents to your ministry.

I am ordering several items, including all back issues of Darkness to Light (yellow order sheet and a check for enclosed). May God continue to bless your ministry and to grant you the health and energy to effectively serve Him!

Caring in Christ,
Larry L. Carre'; Aurora, CO

Gary:  Just a note to thank you for adding my name to your mailing list, via Pat Knapp. I was sorry to hear about the folding of the Shield of Faith, but glad Pat put me in touch with your ministry.

I'm doing a field education project with Pat this quarter at the school (Denver Seminary). I'm researching the Church of God of Prophecy in response to some inquiries of late.

I'm also considering starting a similar ministry at my church, Bear Valley Christian Church. Our associate minister and I are in Dr. (Gordon) Lewis' cults class this quarter and have a burden for this type of ministry.

Thanks for the information requested. I know it's quite a lot and I really hope I can send some financial support in the future. You know how it is when you're going to Seminary!

Mike Ediger;
Aurora, CO

To whom it may concern:  Please take my name and address off of your mailing list. Thank you.

Arvada, CO

Dear Gary:  It was great to get your newsletter! Put us on your mailing list along with the others from The Shield, and I have no doubt we will all benefit from your searching articles.

The idea of playing off the Jay Wits (Jehovah's Witnesses) and other cultic groups against the Early Church Fathers is a stroke of genius, and should be a great encouragement to many to whom the patristic era is totally unknown. People need to be aware that the Holy Spirit has been teaching the saints since Pentecost; he didn't just start at the Reformation.

The patristic era is full of interesting developments, and can be used to illustrate both the ways the Spirit unfolded the truth of the Word in the earliest periods of the Church, as well as the types of mistakes and syncretisms the first churches got into....

May God continue to bless and encourage you and the DTL team. We remember well your valuable contributions to the work while you were here in Denver, and will pray that God will cause your ministry to abound in the Pennsylvania region.

It's very important in these anti-doctrinal and irrational days that Christian leaders realize more and more that it is vital for evangelism to be allowed to have its apologetic side just as it does in the Word of God, and that every local church support apologetic ministries collectively, even if they cannot have one of their own....

May the God of all grace grant you all you need to fulfill your commission (Eph 2:10; Heb 13:20f; 2Pet 1:2-4).

Sincerely in Christ,
Bob K. Wright;
Denver, CO

Dear Friends:  Many thanks for including my name from the Shield of Faith mailing list - I trust I can continue to receive future issues of Darkness to Light.

I have one request - do you have any information on the MOVE OF GOD movement? This apparently began in Canada and is now throughout the USA and Australia. I would appreciate your advice in due course.

Kind regards,
New Zealand

Response:  Unfortunately, we did not have any information on the movement Mr. Palmer asked about. But he was directed to a another source that should be able to provide help. We answer any questions sent to use to the best of our ability.

Dear Gary Zeolla:  Warm greetings in the most precious Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! How grateful we are for the task given to us by God to continue to proclaim the Gospel of salvation to the people. There are many souls who are hungry and thirsty for the Word of God. Thank you so much for your prayer support and that by God's power many souls come to realize of their need of the Lord Jesus Christ to save them from the bondage of sins. The Lord has been working in the lives of those who hear the Gospel of salvation. Truly the Word of God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The Lord has been blessing the hearts of the people who learn to obey God's Word. They learn to live by God's standard. Many who attend our Bible studies are growing in the knowledge of the Word of God. These people whom we minister to are poor and needy but despite of their being poor they are faithful in studying the Word of God. They attend our Sunday worship services. We pray to God they may remain faithful and true to God.

We received your letter and the reading materials .... We study carefully the messages of your notes; we found it very useful and a blessing to our lives. It is very informative and transformative. Thank you so much for your love and concern to us in our ministry here. We will share these messages that we learn to the members of the church and to our Bible study contacts. We praise and thank the Lord for your ministry and be assured that we continue upholding you in our prayers. We trust the Lord to bless you more abundantly as you continue to seeking more to serve Him....

In His love & ours,
Pastor & Mrs. Remegio,
Bible Study Fellowship, Philippines

Dear Gary Zeolla:  Just to let you know I enjoy your newsletter very much. Enclosed is a contribution which I pray will help. Also is my new address; please continue to include me on your mailing list.

Arvada, CO

Hi Gary!  I appreciate your Is the End Near? article - however, I still radically believe that the end of the present Church age will come to a close around the turn of the century. It is interesting to know that so many in times past also thought the end was near - but of course, now we're in the real, final, for-sure end-time! I don't intend to start a retirement plan until after 2010....

Last week (a friend) and I went to one of the dedication services for Heritage Christian Center's brand new mega-sanctuary. Cherry Hills Community Church has plans for a mega-sanctuary also.

I'm glad for both of these as the end-time revival is close at hand and Denver is going to yield an enormous harvest of souls for Christ! It'll be awesome!

Well, my friend, do keep in touch and keep me on your DTL mailing list.

Love & peace,
Gloria; Englewood, CO

Dear Gary Zeolla: I received some information from the previous Shield of Faith ministry in Denver. Any donation it was suggested, should be passed to you. I've enjoyed your work.

Chapin, SC

Gary:  Keep up the good work. Enjoy your newsletters. Thanks. May our Lord bless you and your ministry.

In Christ's Love,
Natrona Heights, PA

Dear Gary:  Thanks for having us on your mailing list, informing us of your "Darkness to Light" ministry. Marie and I appreciated your teaching ministry with the "Shield of Faith" in Denver area through Bear Valley Church. We especially appreciate your articles on the Jehovah's Witnesses since we have been involved in ministering to JWs since last summer.

Enclosed is a check for $ to help support your very important ministry of supplying information and encouragement to lay people wanting to witness to the lost and entrapped family, friends and neighbors who enter our lives.

Yours in Christ,
Wolf & Marie;
Lakewood, CO

Dear Gary:  Do you have any information on Dr. Hobart Freeman of Faith Ministries, Warsaw, Indiana? I believe it to be a cult and have a friend who's involved. He claims to be a Christian but his "saved" sure seems different than my "bought with a price" - John 3:16 salvation. I want to witness to him but how do you witness to someone who knows the Scriptures well and believes they're saved? ...

Do you have any advice to share? Thank you so much for the information you sent me last week. It's been very helpful....

Thank you,
Saxonburg, PA

Response:  We initially did not have information on the group Mrs. Fiaretti asked about. But later she attained literature on the group from another source and forwarded it to us. We appreciate materials our readers send to us. It is simply impossible for any one person or ministry to research every religious group out there. There is simply too many of them. But please, if articles are clipped out of a newspaper or magazine, please include the source and page number on the item.

As it turns out, Dr. Hobart founded "Faith Assembly" in the early 1970s. He taught an extreme view of divine healing, teaching it is "sin" to utilize any kind of medical treatments. As a result of this teaching, over 90 people in the group have died of treatable illnesses, including Hobart himself in 1984 (from flyer published by Watchman Fellowship). Much of the information in the articles in this newsletter would also be applicable to Faith Assembly.

To whom it may concern:  I heard about your organization in The 1993 Directory of Cult Research Organizations. I have a great interest in studying the field of cults. If it is possible, I would like to receive a catalog or listing of the materials you have available .... May God bless you and your ministry.

Anaheim, CA

Hi Gary:  Enclosed you will find a small contribution to help you with your ministry. It sounds like your work and perseverance is paying off, as you have many people at this time receiving your newsletter. I do intend to come back to your Bible studies on Mondays. I've just been busy lately, with looking for another car and all. Take care and we'll see you soon.

Lower Burrell, PA

Dear Gary:  Thanks for the latest issue of Darkness to Light with your article on Is the End Near? (Part II) and Pat Knapp's definitive article on "Aberrant Christianity." Both are well-researched and well-written.

Keep up the good work you are doing in identifying cults and the aberrant groups that lead people away from the true faith. Enclosed is $ to help with your ministry and the continued publication of Darkness to Light. May God's blessing be on you for renewed spirit and good health to better serve Him!

Caring in Christ,
Aurora, CO

To Whom It May Concern:  I have recently moved here to the state of Utah and have become curious in the Mormon religion. I am interested in receiving any information you have on the subject of Mormonism and being placed on your mailing list for any newsletters you might send out. Thank you.

Sandy, UT

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The above letters originally appeared in Darkness to Light newsletter in 1993.
They were posted on this Web site in July1996.

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