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Final Thoughts on
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The following e-mail exchange is the conclusion to a discussion that began at Correspondence on KJV vs. NKJV - Part One and continued through Verse Evaluations: KJV vs. NKJV - Part Two. Once again, Gregg's comments are in black and and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>Gary, I have not visited your website for a while and was glad to see you have added new articles.<

I have been as busy as time and energy allow.

>My last correspondence spoke of my quest to compare the KJV to then NKJV. I can say now that the quest is over. With the aid of the Holy Spirit, Online Bible (which now includes the MKJV, KJ21, Young’s Literal Translation, Green’s Literal [LITV], and many others), the PC Study Bible and other study aids.

I can now feel comfortable in recommending the NKJV as a companion to the KJV. I must emphasize, however, that I have not read anything that can replace the KJV. As I wrote you the last time, I will continue to compiled a list of, what I believe to be, errors in the NKJV. If you are interested, I will pass it on to you for your review.<

You previously sent me your chart of "errors" in the NKJV which I provided a detailed response to. I would be interested in seeing what you have come up with since then. But please don’t expect another detailed response as I have probably have spent as much time and posted as much on this subject on my Web site as I feel would be helpful.

>This year I have invested more money in Biblical study aids then in 10 pervious years. I have obtained, Nelson’s Illustrated Dictionary, the PC Study Bible, the Online Study Bible, Green’s Interlinear Bible (one volume), one NASB, three NKJV (two were gifts) and various unrelated books.<

All excellent resources recommended at various places on my Web site. They should serve you well for years to come. BTW, I gave my sister-in-law Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Christmas. She is currently attending Bible school and I thought it would be helpful. She seemed pleased with it.

>And I have spent countless hours studying several positions of the Bible version controversy. What have I gained? I can now rest knowing that the underlying Greek text that enlivened the KJV and other translations is, in fact, God’s infallible and inspired Word.<

I wholeheartedly agree!

>I am much more knowledgeable about the strengths and weakness of the KJV, NKJV, and other translations. I can with some confidence explain the incongruities between the Critical, Majority, and Received Texts. This year will be a year to remember!<

Sounds like you have done your homework.

>So now what? Last week our pastor invited a minister to teach the members "how to study the bible". I did not attend, but later found out that he stated that the NASB and NIV were good translations. I should have been there! The point is that many people need to be taught what I have learn from you and others. That is my next challenge. Pray that God gives me the wisdom to reveal His Word.<

May God be with you.

>Marching On-Ward,

Thanks again for all the info and letters you have sent me. They have made a nice addition to my Web site.

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The above e-mail exchange was posted on this Web site December, 1997.

Bible Versions Controversy: KJV vs. NKJV
Bible Versions Controversy

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