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Press Releases: MKJV and LITV

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"No heresies in this one!"

The Modern King James Version (Sovereign Grace Trust, Lafayette, IN) is the newest Bible version published, and the fourth one of the past two years. But it is claimed that this one is different.

For one thing, the preface charges all but one of the versions of the past fifty years with inserting heresies into what they call The Holy Bible. Yet each of them claim to be a revision of the venerable Authorized/ King James Version. But instead of revising the beloved old King James Version, each one has gone its own way, adding or subtracting words of their own choice.

In the preface, Jay P. Green, Sr., the revising editor, states:
All of these mistranslations may he traced back to the first centuries after the death of Christ, and they may be proven to be the work of heretics who desired to dilute the Scriptures. This is Particularly true of the Gnostic heretics who flourished in the first three centuries, especially in Egypt. Yet here we have men coming along in the twentieth century and reinserting these heresies into what they boldly call a "Holy Bible."

These "heresies," as Green calls them, stem from the reliance of modern day translators on a handful of manuscripts anchored on two Egyptian manuscripts of the fourth century in which verses are altered in order to establish the view that Jesus essentially was not God, but a created god.

One of these old Egyptian manuscripts (the Sinaiticus) actually has in John 1:18, "the only begotten God," making Jesus to be a begotten creature, and therefore not eternally existent in the "express image of God's essence" (Heb. 1:3).

Green further charges:
Many other "cardinal" doctrines of the Scriptures fall victim to this free-wheeling treatment of the words of God....The sinlessness of Christ is contradicted by the handling of Matt. 5:22, where He is made liable to the Judgment in the new versions. And of course He could not be sinless unless He had been born as the first-born Son of a virgin and fathered by the Holy Spirit of God.

The Ascension of Christ back to His place in Heaven is left out in three of the four places where it is affirmed in the Scriptures, or footnotes effectively put it in doubt. The very inerrancy of the Scriptures is constantly denied by the nature of the changes, or put under a cloud of doubts by the footnotes. Many other such like things can be shown to be the effect of the changes made in the new versions (Preface, p.xi).

Then what of this Modern King James Version? Green says that it is the grand old version in the English of today—period! It is an updating of the language of the KJV, which has been THE Bible of the people for nearly four centuries. And he says, Why not? It is what was done by Tyndale, Coverdale and Beza before the King James Version was produced.

And the KJV itself has been updated in language at least five times, the last, in 1769, being the King James Bible now being used by millions.

Green gives the example of the need for updating of the language by citing Tyndale's translation of 1534, and then that of the Authorized/ King James Version of 1611:

Tyndale Bible (1534) Matt. 2:13:
When they were departed, beholde the angell of the Lorde appered to loseph in dreame saying, aryse and take the chylde and his mother and flye into Egypte, and abyde there until I brynge thee the worde. For Herod wyll seke the chylde to destroye him.

KJV (1611/1769) Matt. 2:13:
And when they departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt and be thou there until I bring thee word; for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.

MKJV (1993) Matt. 2:13:
And when they had departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise and take the young child and His mother and flee into Egypt. And be there until I bring you word, for Herod is about to seek the child to destroy Him.

Green quotes J.R. Green, the great English historian, as saying that Tyndale's translation transformed the world of his day, writing, "No greater change ever passed over a nation than passed over England in the latter part of Queen Elizabeth's reign. England became a people of a Book, an that Book was the Bible. It was read by every class of people. And the effect was amazing! The whole moral tone of the nation was changed" (Short History of the English People).

Building on that base, says Green, the Authorized Version/ King James Version began its reign as THE Bible of English-speaking people all over the world for 270 years it had no rival. Even though the Revised Version of 1881 was intended to replace the KJV, it failed to do so.

Why? Green quotes Dr. Burnett Magruder who wrote:
It cannot be denied that the Authorized Version/ King James Version is the very matrix from which has come a civilization blessed with more abundance, more individual freedom to worship, more intellectual development, more time to read and meditate on God's word, more of all the blessings which tend to draw men toward God. Never since the advent of the Greek Septuagint version has any other version so clearly held the prime position among Bible translations.

And that, claims Green, is reason enough for this new updating of the powerful, beautiful, poetic language of the beloved King James Version. The well-known mistranslations needed to be corrected (changing Easter to Passover in the Acts, Jesus to Joshua in Hebrews, etc.) are corrected in this version. So in The Modem King James Version, Green claims that now the Bible which has blessed the world for 1380 years can go on blessing it for another century, or until the language again needs updating.

And further Green states, that "Contrary to the shortened new versions with their heretical changes The Modern King James Version will give the Bible reader a current English translation of every God-breathed word that proceeded from God the Holy Spirit," (quoting 2 Tim. 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:21).


Jay P. Green, Sr. General Editor and Translator


And We Can Prove It!

Every new version claims that it is the most accurate. But how do they prove it? Can they prove it by the Greek and Hebrew texts which they claim to be translating? NO! They cannot prove it, not even if you agree to allow them to pick their text out of a handful of corrupted Egyptian manuscripts.

Why can't they prove that they have the most accurate version?

1.  They do not give you an interlinear text which has the original words they subjectively chose as their text with lexical meanings below.

2.  They either do not print in a different type their own subjective additions to the text; OR, if they do so, they do NOT italicize or print in different type ALL their subjective additions, NOR note them in their margins.

3.  They determine which are God's words by their own subjective rules (canons), rules crafted to hide the fact that their main sources for the Scriptures come from a handful (2-8) of Egyptian manuscripts created in the early centuries when the Gnostic heretics dominated Egypt.

4.  They contradict themselves within their own version and also contradict each other in hundreds of places, proving that they consider that they alone are the judges of what is, and what is not, authentic Scripture.

WHAT ABOUT THE LITERAL TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE? Can it be proven to be the most accurate translation into English? YES!

1.  The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, in the margins of which the Literal Translation of the Bible appears, has the original words, the English meanings, Strong's numbers and the English meanings beneath.

2.  All words added by the translator are in italic type.

3.  The differences in choice of text may be thoroughly investigated in the Unholy Hands on the Bible Series, and full evidence given (not personal opinions! ).

4.  There are NO contradictions within The Literal Translation of the Bible!

5.  Further, ONLY the words in this version (from the Masoretic and Received texts) can be used to prove that Jesus Christ is God the Son, one in essence with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, with all the glorious attributes God both in His heavenly existence and in His earthly existence. Other versions deny or weaken many cardinal doctrines.

Do not take our word for it, check it out for yourself, then you will prove The Literal Translation of the Bible is the MOST ACCURATE TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE IN ENGLISH!

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The MKJV and LITV are available from Books-A-Million.

The above press releases were posted on this Web site March 27, 1998.

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